8 X 8 Mini Album with No Sewing & A Love Theme

I found one tutorial which was perfect because I don't have to use binder rings and I don't have to sew as well. Popular binding techniques involve sewing and no matter how simple they make it out to be, somehow I don't think I can. Maybe I should try one day but it's too much hard work in comparison to just using glue or double sided sticky tape.

I actually found another tutorial which is was more easier than the current method I'm using which is the accordion style and it just involves sticking two pages of 8 X 8 paper with washi tape. Psst..easy peasy. Problem is, I think it won't look so nice on a paid project. Perhaps, for my own personal one I could use the method. The washi tape design will be prominent on every page and it may sorta interfere with the overall look of the page. But that's just my opinion. If you don't mind and if you have huge stack of washi tape collection, this is highly favourable.

The method I used, as mentioned prior to this, is the accordion fold where basically I score several one inches on an 8 X 8 sized card stock and make mountains and valley fold. I place each patterned paper of the same size on to each of the high end of the fold. There's one downside to this though. You must really really try your best to make it as accurate as possible so that when you fold down the accordion folds, all the papers are aligned. So actually the ruler and pencil are like my best friends when I do this. The first time I did it all my papers are out of line simply because I eyeballed it. There will be one or two papers that will somehow be out the alignment but I just carefully trim the edges of but of course, not without measuring it properly. I can't over do this though otherwise it will screw up everything. If one or two pages are still not aligned, I can cover it up with either washi tape or fabric trims. Just have to work around it because I know I have alignment deficiency..haha.

So I'm sharing with you my latest and only 8 X 8 inches mini album. Yay! Come to think of it, with that size, it's not really mini, eh? I used similar techniques as to the last mini album I did which I haven't post here yet. Basically there are some pages with folds so that when they open up the flap, they can put more pictures. Talk about making use of the space. This is a love themed album. I feel privileged I get to do projects for couple and usually a guy would ask me to make cards for their girlfriends too. Thanks for the orders :)

Cover Page

Flap opens up for them to put additional pictures

A DIY pocket to place inserts

These two pages are what I called freestyle. No photo mats here. There are another two pages like this

Last page is to write notes on it.

The details on the cover page up close

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