Beautiful Organized Mess

I realized I've got some neat orders from guys who wanted to give a card to their girlfriends and wives. I am super honoured that I have been given such opportunity. I don't have a specific design but I read a profile of a crafter who makes such beautiful and complicated layouts and then to think she doesn't have a specific style. I think she does but the way she describes her work of art is that of a beautiful mess and how she loved being all creative.

I am pretty much like that too. I just see what I can come up with using my existing materials and the patterned papers which I have chosen before hand and then if I have the time, I'll sketch my designs based on my web inspirations. At the end of the crafting session, I should come up with something that it's truly my OWN design with various inspirations.

But I am still no pro at this and that is why, whenever I post things online on my facebook page, I am always touched by the 'likes' I get and also orders which started off with praises on my past work.

Thanks so really makes my day and I know my efforts have been worth it.

These are my works of handmade cards for the last few weeks with some of them being last minute orders. But it's okay as long as my mind doesn't freeze which trust me, may happen at times. It's challenging, though..but I take it in my stride. The thing is, I don't have any pre-made cards. I wish I have because it may make things easier but I don't have the time as by the time I come home, I am so tired and will only start work, if I have orders, in the middle of the night.

There are more but I shall just highlight these 3.

This card was done by altering a gift card. It was a birthday card for a dear friend.

A card for a former boss of my colleague

Thanks for dropping by!