First Attempt at a Wedding Guestbook

I've always wanted to try my hand in doing a guestbook but somehow didn't get an order for it. I thought it will be interesting and even though guestbooks can be easily bought, it's pretty generic unless you can get one which has a super nice cover to go with the theme of the party or celebration. There are many types of guestbooks available and there also handmade types, which I admire of course, and they're done in a scrapbooking style.

As I've not made one before, I had to do some research and concocted quite a lot of ideas in my head and while I think it's not as time consuming as making a full scrapbook, it is still rather trying creatively. I don't really like to stick to the same design for every single page because that is so boring unless it's specifically requested.

Within 14 hours plus plus with little sleep, I managed to do up one..yay!

There are 10 pages including cover page and back page and I try to maximize the space available by making layouts behind the cover page and the back page itself. I could have easily skipped but oh well, as long as the mind can still think  of what designs to do ;P

Enjoy the pictures!

Thankfully I didn't have to do the self binding thing because it can be quite frustrating to line them all up together as straight as possible. That is after I have perfectly scored the spine manually because I don't have a scoreboard. So I used cardstock and covered the cardstock with papers after punching the left side for the ring binders to go through.

If you're interested to order a guestbook in a scrapbooking style, you can always drop me an email, order form or PM me on my facebook.

Thanks for dropping by!