Hanging Name Boards with Pictures for Teachers' Day

Sometimes the projects I showcased on my facebook page get improvised based on the suggested orders by customers. Sometimes too, I get new ideas from them which is great because it adds some varieties to my current projects. Remember, I started from making handmade cards, I still do, but now I make a variety of things which is oh so exciting. Frankly, I don't know how I manage to do them since you know, I have a full time day job.

So for Teachers' Day, based on a customer's requests, I improvised on my current picture board by marrying it with the name boards. The end product? It was superb. Best of all, I just received the feedback that they loved the picture boards! Haha..same here!

I like the size of this picture board which is about half the size of an A4 paper because it gives me some space to add decorations. However for the name boards, I think it will work well if it's smaller instead.

Luckily she allowed me to cut out the photos, which I also printed and accidentally ruined one of them..hehe, and so the pictures wouldn't look so boxy and it will blend in well with the rest of the designs.

I did two at the same time so if you look carefully, you will somehow pick out which pair I did together. I liked how stamping is involved by stamping the image on a cardstock, cutting it out and then making it as part of the embellishment. To be honest, this is one of my favourite projects, apart from cards, and I do wish I have more orders on this though! :p

Thanks for dropping by!