Notebooks & Cards for Teachers' Day 2013

This was my first ever teachers' day order and I truly enjoyed making them! Why? I get to go a bit crazy because I was paid more than the cost of the notebooks so I could buy a bit more materials. Of course I still need to keep some of the money so yes as usual, I have to be resourceful. Only on pay day and the immediate days after, I could indulge myself in a bit of craft haul and I plan to get these pretty white wash resins from Melissa Frances such as this one.

Ain't it pretty?!
It's quite pricey at the local stores so I thought I'll get them from Mapletreehouse instead, which if you must know, is where I get many of my supplies from. See, it helps to check out other crafters' designs and be inspired by them such as studying their techniques and also the products they use. Not all of the products may be to your liking so just pick and choose which you like that you think can help enhance your existing materials.

But whatever inspirations you take from, always remember to design from your heart and not simply copy wholesale from others. You don't need to be an expert to be a great designer. Even the simplest designs can be beautiful as long as they're handmade and more importantly, it comes from your heart. and you probably hear me talk about this many times.

These are the 3 notebooks that I altered by designing the cover.

This notebook has a dreamy effect to it.

I love the teal blue resin bird. I also loved how I used the tree as the main design in the background

I think previously I had mentioned about my love for fabric trims which I got, at least for now, from Papermarket where they sell by metres. I do hope they have more varieties though. My next craft haul will include some pretty laces and pleats. I saw one online and she's selling a pack of 1 yard each and there is like 4 types of trims in the pack I think, by Webster's Pages. There was a design done by one of the DTs of Papermarket and somehow I thought that one of the trims used by her looked familiar. I just happened to admire the pack of trims from this online seller and then the next thing, I saw it being used and I liked it. I think I'm pretty much sold..haha. But need to wait for moolah to come in first, hopefully this Monday.

From that same DT, I also picked up some techniques from her which involved slight tearing and folding. But then much later on, I dunno..somehow I think it looked like I'm unhappy with the card designs and tried to tear it but couldn't..haha. I don't be the judge of it.

I got an order for 4 teachers' day cards and the best way to do it? It is to do it the non generic way..haha. But I added teachers' day quotes from the internet and I thought they're lovely.

The bluish undertone of the card is influenced by the picture in the journal card

I used pink trims to make the flower and painted the background a bit. I do think however, the tearing is a bit..excessive. Idid the tearing in the middle to reveal another patterned paper behind.

I made use of my new mask to add some subtle design in the background by dabbing some paint

The green flower is actually made by rollling some ribbons. I also added a chipboard scallop frame and painting it in silver.

My conclusion for the above cards is that well, folding and tearing is ooookay. I guess I need to improvise on the techniques so that it will look much better. I do think however that I should either show the tear effects from the corner or in the middle, and not both together. I dunno..perhaps there's nothing wrong with it but it's just the way I see it.

I've received some random orders for cards and notebooks for the month of August too and early September and I'll showcase them as well here.

 Thanks for dropping by again!