September Birthday Cards

I was so busy for the last few weeks, and despite having erratic sleeping hours, I truly enjoy the creative process although  I admit at certain point of time, my brain was quite deprived. But I kept going because it's what I wanted and I jolly do a damn good job at it.

One thing though, I wished I had a bit more time. Why? Because being a perfectionist, at least in this area of my life and not in others..haha, I wanted to ensure that the cards are made to perfection. But this will take time and time was not on my side.

Fortunately, I did a handy dandy card on the steps to make a card, altered notebook cover and other things in similar fashion. At least I don't quite waste time thinking like hrm..what should I do next. As and when, I will add on stuffs to the card as well so that I will remember easily which is also useful when time is not on my side.

So here's a showcase of the September birthday card which I did at 3 am plus in the morning and each card, amazingly I did it in 15 minutes and under because yes, I had to hurry because I also have another project to do.

 I received a sticker sheet from a pre-order that night and I promptly used it. The sticker sheet is from the Amy Tangerine line and it was on sales. I was glad I got it and the translucent stickers were different from the usual stickers I have and they're beautiful.I also used the Prima Marketing journal tags for two of three of the cards as a background.

For simple cards, what can make them stand out is the use of colours that pop such as the use of Tim Holtz distress stain in Fired Brick as used on the card, second row, extreme right, for the second pick. I love this product so much think I'll get another one, probably one of the colours that are on clearance because need to save me some moolah. If you are a crafter on a budget, like me, I can suggest if you can save money, save by getting a colour that is versatile like preferable one dark shade and one light shade. You don't have to get an array of colours unless they're markers for colouring where you need to get different shades to get the desired effects. Another way is to simple DIY by using poster colours, diluting it in one part water, and use a brush to get the splatter effects.

By the way, did I say how useful the handy dandy guide card is? Yes? When I looked at them, I thought that I wished I had used some glitter to add some accent to it but glitter would take time to dry and the only thing that was quick drying was the liquid pearl so I used that instead. But it still generated some interest and it still inspired an order from someone to get a similar card to this so I believe that even with using lesser materials or even sans glitter, if I'm creative enough, I can make ordinary looking materials into an extraodinary looking card.

I have also been studying the beautiful works of local scrapbookers and paper crafters and their works are ah-ma-zing! I cannot be as good as them but I can adapt some of the techniques they use for my own but with my own touches as well. They inspire me in the cards that you see above and my other works as well which I will showcase here too.

Thanks for dropping by and keep learning!