Teachers' Day Custom Whiteboards & Nameboards

I remembered last year around this time, I couldn't sell a single teachers' day card which I have pre-made hoping to sell online in an online shop. But alas, I had no buyers and I missed such great opportunity to make some money for someone who is struggling to get orders.

It takes time to get others to know of my humble online shop but it's heartening to know that I got some regular customers who come back to get orders from me. I find it so touching and can't be more grateful for their continued support.

To be honest, for the projects below, I wished I had more time to do but I tried to stick to a simpler design so that I will be able to finish all of the projects on time. Still, my style is that no two works are the same unless upon request. So you'll see them in various but somewhat similar designs.


Mini Name Boards

I call these my mini name boards. As I'm more used to having quite a number of embellishments, I was pretty stumped on how to embellish these but I got some ideas going including adding trims to the edge and of course, paper flowers. All of them being ladies, it's quite easy to 'recycle' the ideas for all the mini name boards.

On the day I am supposed to produce these two major bulk orders, I was rushing like mad and capped off my time doing that before getting ready for work, by doing TWO whiteboards at the same time. I even had to take half a day off before that so that I can finish the projects because somehow, I haven't started on a single customized whiteboard *pulls hair*

Yes, it was a very stressful period for me..LOL.

Glad it's over, for now.

Thanks for dropping by!