Topping Up My 12 X 12 Patterned Papers with Webster's Pages & Prima Marketing

I didn't think that this could happen but I actually came to a point I ran out of full sized patterned papers..haha. I haven't been buying them lately and if I do, it's barely 4 or 5 pieces and they're mostly used for me to dissect the motifs such as flower blooms.

I have bought two 12 X 12 paper pads instead as I needed them for some major projects last month and I don't have the time to pick and choose every single patterned paper. It's affordable as in 36 single sided pages although material wise, it's not as good as buying it individually rather than in a paper pad. However, I'm not too fussy about it. If you do want to get such paper pad, I suggest Webster's Pages. They cost $10.00 more but it's worth it. I do suggest though to make use of their current promotions because it's more worth it like I used Papermarket's Grand Prix promotion of buying items $60 and above to get 40% off. Yowza.

When I saw some projects using these patterned papers and also after visiting their blog, I'm like totally sold. They're so shabby chic, dreamy and nothing can go wrong with hot air balloons, flowers and butterflies. My usual style is usually bright and colourful although recently I've been buying those with flower motifs a lot. So you can imagine a lot of cutting done for me.

These are the loose sheets. It's a mixture of mostly Prima Marketing (yet another line with such dreamy patterned papers!) and Webster's Pages. I went a bit crazy when I saw the papers because I believe they were from and old collections and it was going for $10 for 10 pieces! I also took some from the newer line because I had a discount coupon for buying 10 patterned papers for $10.00. So in total, I got 10 yummy papers for just $20!

I also like how versatile their papers are like they're telling us a story, both front and the back side. Just look at the above picture..nice right?!

So this morning, I actually used one of the papers to make two half fold birthday cards using two different motifs from the same side.

Finished Card One

Finished Card Two

So you can imagine that I didn't do much to the patterned papers but simply enhanced it by adding very few embellishments and also misting.

Don't be scared to create. To me, I believe you should design from the heart and not just follow the trends. At the end of the day, you just want to put a smile on the person's face to know that you handmade a card for him or her :)

Thanks for dropping by!