Altered Box Frame - My First Attempt

I accumulated a few of these boxes and while I used two to store some of my craft supplies, I didn't quite know what to do with the rest. But I know some day I'll use it, not as storage, but rather as works of art. I come across many ideas and I feel like hey, I can recycle it. In fact, the lid and the box itself can be altered to be two separate art ideas. I'm still looking for ideas on how to decorate the lid. But I am clear on what I want to do with the box for sure.

Recently I fell in love with the Postcards From Paris II collections, so much so, I kept the collections of papers, the 12 x 12 paperpad and the 6 x 6 paperpad separately in its own transparent bag. But I mix in various collections from Prima Marketing in there as well. They're so beautiful and the designs are so intricate, the paper is of good strong quality and the colours are so dreamy.

Need I say more? haha..

While I like to mix collections from various manufacturers, one or two of them may stand out more because I may use their materials more. To me, it's all about making it look harmonious together.I'm happy that this altered box frame got a few 'like's and it's inspiring because later tonight, I will be making another one as well, as a token of appreciation. Just paying it forward :) The materials will not be mostly from Websters' Pages but rather, some leftover materials given by someone who attended a  previous scrapbooking workshop but couldn't find the time do continue doing the work. I think it will look perfect for the box frame.

Hope you'll be inspired by my box frame below!

And again, thanks for dropping by my humble blog :)