Love Theme Scrapbooks

If there is one thing I must admit, I am not very good at scrapbooking. I did however do some scrapbooking in the past using a regular album and then decorated the empty space with mainly magazine cut outs. But then I had difficulty finding the album where I just paste photos and then there is this transparent sticker overlay covering them. My recent visit to the bookshop, probably back in July or August, I realized they made a comeback. Maybe they made the comeback some time ago but somehow, I wasn't in the loop..haha. Anyway, I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to start my own version of simple scrapbooking. I just feel that it is nice to capture memories in print so that you can look back in future, laugh, cry and reminiscence about the past and see how far you have come.

There are so many ways of scrapbooking and over the course of time, you will learn to pick up new techniques which to me, also translate to altering new notebooks, make box frames (as you can see from my later post) and many other forms altered art. Whatever styles you learn from other experienced and creative crafters, I cannot emphasize enough that you must develop your own style eventually. Just listen to your gut feeling and you'll be okay as long as you cover the foundation aspects of scrapbooking :)

So this is my own version of scrapbooking for two of the recent scrapbooks that I did for a customer. Hope you enjoy the pictures below and possibly be inspired by them. Remember, you'll only get more creative the more you use it.

There are no pictures because it's for my customer to place her own photos.

There are two types of binding. One is done the accordion style and the other using the ring binders. Both have layouts back to back.

Thanks for dropping by!