My First Scrapbooking Class

If you read my previous posts, you would have read some snippets of what I have learnt from a recent scrapbooking class at Papermarket. The class is designed by Jaz Lee who is a master at the layering techniques. Looking at her original works for inspiration, I must she is one hardworking scrapbooker. So many fine details like how she deconstructed a piece of chipboard frame to create even more layers.

I had fun during the class and even though I was a bit heavy hearted about the price, despite the inclusion of the cost of materials, to me it's still quite a lot to pay. But I want to learn from the best and I can only do so much studying of the details online. I am still hoping to recoup back this small investment though..haha.

I've learnt a few techniques and how we can make use of things that you can find easily like cardboard pieces to prop up your pictures and other embellishments to make them more 3D and to save on buying the foam dots. I've also learn to use an old book for a more vintage looking piece of 'patterned' paper.

My next class, maybe in December, I hope to learn how to make a mini album properly. I wanted to join that class instead of this class I signed up for but well, I must pick up the basics first before moving on to something more complicated. No worries, they always have classes every month so I can look forward to such a class :)

So here are the two layouts that I have made

1st Layout

This layout involves a LOT of layering as promised by the class description and they're not kidding about it..ha. At first it was okay, then I started struggling a bit but the instructor was very patient and helping  us out when we get stuck. She even thought my layout looked beautiful.

Yay for the hard work! I am impressed myself too!

2nd layout

The 2nd layout was done fairly quickly but nevertheless still has interesting details like how I learnt to incorporate the use of fabric nettings as a banner. Pretty pretty!

So if you have always wanted to try scrapbooking class, but the price is pretty steep, just don't look at the price tag too much and just join. But in order to make your moolah worth it, I highly suggest classes that go slightly beyond covering the basics so you'll pick more useful techniques that could have been taught in a more advanced class. You can easily pick up basics from the internet such as youtube. I mean that's my personal take.

Again, thanks for dropping by!