October Cards for Sales - Batch 1

After what seems so long, I have released a set of handmade cards for sales that are ready made for use and only left to customize with either name or greeting of choice such as Happy Birthday. I get requests quite often as in whether I have ready made cards that they can choose from. I used to make cards on stand by but then at some point, I have an influx of orders recently, which I'm FOREVER am thankful for, and now I'm free again.

Whether or not I have orders, I will still make other things because I don't think it's a hobby I can actually stop.

So let me do an intro the cards that I've made for the week. Uhm, I actually wanted to make 10 but I had to prepare a card draft for an order so I got sidetracked but nevertheless, at least I produced something, haha.

The last card is a bit more special because I incorporated some techniques which I picked up during my very first scrapbooking lesson just now. It's a little bit pricey although the price includes the materials as well but I guess the techniques that I learn can be used again and again which, who knows, may boost up my sales in future? Haha..I hope this isn't wishful thinking.

The cards can either be purchased here on the blog or on the facebook page.

Card 1: This is more of a girlish charm with the popular mason jar motive adorn with flowers. I further adorn the card with fussy cut of flowers, a lace tied into a bow and a cut out of a butterfly.

Card 2: The design of this card is a little bit simpler but using the vellum paper with gold dots as an alternative to regular patterned paper. Border edge is decorated with two layers of scallop borders. A stamped bicycle and some dabbing of distress stain complete the look.

Card 3: I used a white resin flower and a stash of pink pleats for some interesting texture on the tag.

Card 4: The main theme of this card is blue and is suitable for a male recipient. The typewriter wood embellishment is used along with a journal tag that looked like it has been typewritten out. Another main theme is stars as seen on the washi tape, patterned paper and die cut.

Card 5: The return of the twine! I didn't use twine for quite some time as in that manner where I twirled it three times almost near the edge of the card. I also fussy cut out some flower motives, layer them on top of one another and fold the edges in a bit for a more 3D look. I also distressed the background a bit using the honeycomb mask.

Card 6: This card used some leftover pieces from the scrapbooking class in the morning. I also did some misting, water colouring and paint dabbing on the card. The 'oh joy' mason jar is propped up on the card using cardboard. Clever eh? I picked up this technique for the card as well. Save  money from buying the foam dots which does not always give me the height that I want.

Thanks for dropping by!