Explosion Box "Blue, Red and a Smiling Snowman"

I've made quite a number of explosion boxes and oh man, they're so labour intensive, I don't know if I should stop for awhile, haha. I'm still contemplating though. Anyway, I won't be posting all of the boxes I've made and only feature some of them. This is one of my favourites that I've done which is the Christmas explosion box in red and blue theme.

The choice of colours are not planned but I actually loved the swirls on the patterned papers that I thought it would make such great background design. Don't you agree?

The blue namely comes from the sticker sheet that has mostly blue themed stickers which I thought would go well with this box. I loved the cheery stickers like the penguin and the smiling snowman which actually came with two pairs of stick arms with mittens but I actually cut off one of the arms..oops. Of course that would mean cutting off the other one or it will look pretty awkward.

Below are the rest of the designs.

Hope you like this post and thanks for dropping by!