Tri Fold Shutter Card in Birthday Theme "Embossed Gold Bicycle"

Sometimes when I am at a local scrapbooking store, I would actually think through first if I have something similar at home. Then when I get to the counter, if I decided I don't like something, I would say that I would not get it and yah, I know this is so annoying, haha but I can't help it especially when I can't incorporate those embellishments, die cuts or whatever crafty things for longer time.

 Decisions, decisions.

While scrapbooking and cardmaking may seem like an expensive hobby what with all the products mainly from international brands, if we can put on our creativity hat and see how much we can stretch our existing products, why not, especially when the end product is going to look awesome.

Just like this bicycle which I had stamped on a kraft paper with embossing ink followed by gold embossing powder. I think bicycle, besides depicting movement, is also perfect for a masculine themed card. Of course, a motorbike would look better but well, it's the thought that counts right, haha.

For tri fold or another name for it is shutter card, I like to emphasize on the layering be it in how I fold the paper measuring 12 X 6 inches and also the cover page just to create certain depth and interest rather than an ordinary bifold card.

The inner panels are simply decorated and I did some stamping and watercolouring of images as well, besides embossing.

Below is how it looks like from the inner page.

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