A4 Sized Farewell Card "Pretty Hot Air Balloon"

I call these type of cards the 'chop chop' cards because I'm literally trying to arrange whatever I can get my hands on to make a pretty collage. Add some partial doilies, flower blooms and then my next favourite thing, die cut swirls, and voila!

Of course, I don't often get such ideas on a whim that easily like the cover page of a mini album which I was trying to do this morning. No ideas at all! Even if I tried to 'throw' everything on the page, it didn't look good :( So at times like this, I really really have to peer closely at other people's work and study how they've done it well.

For this card, I've used the hot air balloon chipboard I had hoarded for some time and I thought this would be perfect for the farewell card. At first, I had big ideas but time didn't permit much so I adorned the balloon with individual pearls instead of a pearl string and the result was stunning as well. They instantly 'lifted' the hot air balloon, figuratively, and then I added punched out medium sized monarch butterflies and placed them as though they were fluttering through the skies.

I had not done this design before but at the background patterned paper, I cut out a v shape and then stuffed in some mini flower blooms. Actually, I wanted to create more texture but again, time wasn't on my side although it created some design impact.

For the background, I did some simple mixed media with stamping and watercolouring.

The final design might look complicated but it really was not so hopefully, you can get inspired by the card above using the materials that you have on sight from previous crafting projects.

Thanks for dropping by!