Explosion Box Cards "Monthsaries & Cony & Brown"

So here's a series of box cards that I did early this week which included pull out tabs and certain themes. One of the things I like about making them is how I can pull different embellishments from different manufacturers to form a beautiful collage. Then to enhance the look of collage, I would use sequins or enamel dots and of course, something glitter. It doesn't have to be overly done up and sticking to more or less the same box design but varying the colours and themes make it easier for me to do the boxes.

I might change up the design a bit like perhaps round up the corners of the squares because they tend to bend wen I put the lid over. I saw one of the box designs done up by another crafter and I thought that was a good idea.

There are so many beautifully done up box cards and looking at the designs, I'm just wondering how long they took. Sometimes I take more than 2 hours, not over the making of the box itself, but more of designing the interiors so that is why from now onwards, I'm looking at simplifying the process further just like how I have come up with a standard box foundation. This is so that I can cope with demands in order further down the road.

Hope you like these box cards I've made. For custom orders, feel free to drop me a note at the side bar.

Thanks for dropping by!