Wedding Guestbooks | Vibrant & Understated

I've been missing for awhile because I was busy tests, projects and exams (!!!) and I just finished my last paper last Thursday night and the finale of all finale! I've been juggling working, school and running this online shop for the past 2 and a half years and the struggle is completely real. There were ups and downs and the fact that no matter how much sleep I  sacrifice, I needed to keep a balance between juggling my school work and coping with my orders.

Unfortunately, one may take the lead and I can't afford to not graduate and not do well for my studies so sometimes, I have to find time to solely focus on my studies which is the reason why I am absent from this blog. However, I have not stopped learning and still find the time to see how other people craft and learning to adopt them and turning them into my style. It's all about being creative and not let it become too stressful as you figure out which piece goes where.

For these wedding guestbooks, they are done in completely different style based on preferences. I thought I liked both but of course, if you know me, I like mine to have layers and pretty stuffs on them. Understated can be good if you have like one or two bold features and mix in with a bit of glitter or for this book, a gold tag with a heart shape cut out, to make them pop a bit because it can be quite boring if there are not stand out pieces.

I've also not worked with fabric before even though I owned this burlap for the longest time and mainly papers so the second guestbook was pretty challenging. And it also tested my limit on straight alignment which I can mostly get away with. It's understated but it needed to have clean lines. See, every work there's some sort of challenge.

Hope you like my works here! For custom orders, feel free to drop me a message from the right side bar.

Thanks for dropping by!