Explosion Box Card | Besties Theme

I don't think I remember doing a besties themed box card but I thought why not, since I have some embellishments or journal tags and stickers on friendship. Still, it's a matter of thinking out of the box..heh...on how to bring all these together for an overall themed design.

The final box design looked slightly different from the bottom picture as I added two more pieces of die cut pieces from Kaiser Craft which I think is pretty relevant to the theme onto the blank spaces which I had left for photo and some writings. I didn't want to leave it open like so plain.

However, you can see the mildly decorated panels below.

At first I didn't know quite sure how to decorate the middle section and yet make it stand out. Then I used one of my favourite stars dies from Tim Holtz and ran it under my BigShot machine using silver glitter paper and I loved the outcome :)

It's so shiny, lol..and then for the box cover, again I used two different dies, one with word, and the other a rosette, and together I thought they made a lovely combination. I also used an interesting pattern for the base layer which is actually bubbles with light blue shadows against a white background. It's not too 'out there' for a box card going out to a guy. The colours I used overall is a mixture of light blue, white and some brown that went well with each other actually and I loved it.

I've also recycled some pieces from a previous box card order which was cancelled but I didn't want to waste the embellishments. Therefore, I used some pieces here and they went well together.

For more close ups, do view the pictures below on how I had decorated the various panels.

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