Explosion Box Cards | Winnie the Pooh Theme


I'm back from a long absence and although I'm trying to get in the game of getting crafty again especially when doing up the mini album which I've come to love doing apart from making cards. It's challenging alright but as I learn more and more new techniques, the important thing is to have fun while you're at it while still thinking through where each piece goes to give you this coherent look.

For these box cards, I kept to a simple birthday and Winnie the Pooh theme using Simple Stories new party collections. I like most of the pieces and they're pretty easy to co-ordinate with each other. But you know me, I am kinda a perfectionist and I thought a wee bit longer time than a typical crafter. Then again, I know of people who really scrutinize every piece or take days even to complete. It's called perfecting the art. But I tend to be a little free and easy when it comes to layout because it's all about being creative.

I believe if you're a non crafter, you can still churn out beautiful pieces just like how a friend of mine did when she helped me to make Christmas cards. And she came to realize it ain't all easy especially the thought process but at the end of the day, she had fun and I had fun too :)

I focus a little bit more on layering instead of merely pasting the pieces down. Because I want the internal box designs to look nice and pleasing when the box 'explodes' open. There are those who focus on the technicalities of the box but I'm more of a creative designer like in a fashion firm or something, lol.

Below are the box cover designs which I kept simple but with Winnie the Pooh as the centre attractions.

If you need me to make an explosion box card for you, feel free to see the link above or contact me via the box found at the top of the side bar.

Thanks for dropping by!