Handmade Cards | A Pink & Vellum Layered & Frozen Themed Card

I've never received an order for a frozen theme card, in this case specifically Princess Anna and Queen Elsa. Did I get the names right, coz I didn't watch the movie despite the huge popularity, lol..as I'm not really into animated movies. But I liked the theme though, about sisterhood, how one's sister's love and selfless sacrifice for her estranged sister which finally 'melted' her heart and saved the kingdom from their ice-y fate. I don't have a sister but a younger brother where I would, in my best abilities, ensure he gets a good future and leads a comfortable living. However, I do want him to be independent as well and to learn things that I can't teach him but he will learn from experience such as that from his part-time job which I had encouraged him to sign up for despite initially being against the idea.

For the card theme, it was just a pink theme but it had to look good and therefore, I had made it a little bit more intricate as usual. However, I didn't want it to look too heavy and had added 'soft' layers made up of vellum cut in semi-circles.

When I looked back at the card design for Queen Elsa, I felt that I should punched out some snowflakes since she's the Ice Queen after all. I loved this patterned paper from Pink Paislee in its monochrome colour and I thought it would look great on the card. I used a purple and blue colour scheme and for some interest, punched a hearts border for the centre and lined it with a strip of purple glitter cardstock.

For the inside of the cards, I made a pop up 'happy birthday' using a very simple pop up technique as compared to my earlier cards where I struggled like mad, lol. Now I learn my mistake and had the cards in landscape mode in order to use this technique.

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