Mini Album | Memories

There are so many variations of mini albums with some of them going a step further by doing stitch binding that can range from a simple stitch technique to a complicated one. There is this sense of satisfaction seeing how each stitch combines to form a beautiful seams binding. I told myself I would learn this technique one day so that I don't always have to rely on glue only although being a non book binder, this is like the most  simple and easiest way for me. So this was what I did for this mini album too and the fun part comes to decorating each page.

I try to vary the designs for the pages but for this mini album, and maybe for future mini albums, what I have decided to do is to co-ordinate the patterned papers of the pages facing each other so that it will look cohesive. And this method seems faster and the outcome looks more pleasing when the colours or the pattern co-ordnate.

I also try to make it seem that more photos can be included in this mini album by including flaps and more writing space without sacrificing the decorations part. So ultimately, it's up to the  user's creativity on how best to use the mini album.

You can see more of the inner pages below. Hope you like what you see!

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