Explosion Box Cards | Birthdays & Floral

So i've been busy this week making these box cards and there was one more which I didn't feature here coz I didn't really like how it looked like as I felt it would look better when it is 3 layered. But you know, sometimes people just want to save a couple or two bucks so I can't say much and just do my best in adhering to their request.

These two boxes however, give me some leeway, to make pretty collages and adding in the pictures thereafter. In terms of doing up these boxes, I know there are various versions of making them and I can be so blown away with their artistic talent. But the problem with their type of boxes is that they're so artistic looking, I can't replicate them and not because I don't wish to, it's just not my type of style and I would have lost the interest half way making the box as the intensive level is like 1000X. That's why at times when I'm shown the pictures of their expectations, I know I can't do it so I will just tell them straight up about it but instead of leaving them hanging, I will usually recommend someone else for them.

But I enjoy the process of decorating it my own style and so far, none seemed to be disappointed with them and happy with the outcome. If they're happy, I'm happy too and while it may be a difficulty for me to construct the box initially, over time, I overcome the difficulties and while there are moments where the box cover just can't fit the box and it's frustrating having to throw them away or when the paper layers don't line up properly. But I try to put aside these frustrations and just either make the best of what I have done or start all over again.

 These are my recent creations so hoping you like my style :)

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