Explosion Box Cards | Pink Rosette & Geometric Heart

This is such a lovely pink explosion box card and I'm in awe with the geometric heart from Maya Arts which I used for the centre piece. Looking at how beautiful the diecut piece is, and then seeing how another die was used in someone else's project, I kinda regretted not buying that die when I went back again and it wasn't there. Sometimes when I see something, I didn't really think much about it like how I can make use of this but at the same time too, I need to stick to a budget as I can't afford to spend too much on my hobby due to my other financial responsibilities.

But if I find that the thing is worth the money, I would buy it except that at times, I will find it too late..haha..still it's ok, we make do with what we have and creative people tend to be good at this ;p

So the intricate centre piece is really gorgeous and I foresee making use of this die again for future romantic themed boxes again. I made use of die cut pieces from a certain brand which I never used before but there was quite a lot in the pack and they were a mix of paper and translucent type of paper. I didn't want to use mostly from the pack because not all were suitable so I mixed in with stickers from Echo Park from their Valentine's Day collection which I thought was a classic piece as it would fit romanced themed layouts and not just for V day.

But honestly, besides the pink rosette adorning the box cover which I also die cut the centre piece from glitter card stock, I liked the butterfly which I tucked in between a mini bed of paper flowers. It's simple but sweet at the same time.

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