Nautical Themed 6 Inches Handmade Mini Album


This is a fun mini album to put together. I always find fun in making mini albums because I get to play with many embellishments for the pages and the cover as well. Nowadays my take on making the pages is that the opposite pages will have similar design and colour scheme so it looks more cohesive as you open the pages.

This album  is of nautical themed but I still stick to the same design concept as explained above so it's more pleasing to the eyes as they open the book.

Nowadays, it's pretty easy to find nautical themed stickers, embellishments and even papers because it's quite popular so you just have to pick and choose what is suitable because just colours, there are variants. As for this, I didn't want cutesy looking nautical themed stickers but more masculine and therefore, I came up wth the layouts below.

Of course, I can't help but give more space and even hidden space for photos to 'stretch' the album more so that they more photos can be placed inside. It's just a matter of finding photos of the right size to place inside and playing around with the space provided.

Hope you like this nautical themed mini album I did! You can send in your order queries via the link above or from the right side bar if you would like a similar album or of another theme.

Thanks for dropping by!