6 Inches Mini Album for a Sister's Birthday

Mini albums are fun to make and I can't wait to make another on in awhile. This time round, I made a little change but every change needs some getting used to and I hope for the next one, my method will improvise a bit. I used a chipboard for both the cover page and the back page to make it more sturdy. Of course I had to study how others used this method and though the method is not entirely new to me, it still needed some improvisation especially when it comes to the side seam to hold the minded pages together.

I still want to get myself enrolled in a bookbinding course so I think for now, I will not be taking part in any other courses and to save up for this one instead. Gosh, so many things to learn..haha..but paper crafting has taken on a new level with mixed media and all that.

For this mini album, it's for an upcoming birthday for a sister and thankfully, I could find a sticker pack along this same theme. Again, I like to use Simple Stories as the main embellishments for decorating and various other sticker collections from various others. It's fun to mix up old and new collections rather than just hoarding them.

Some patterned papers come with patterns or images that you can easily cut out and use them to decorate as well, like the first picture you see, where I cut out two butterflies and a doily which I cut into two and used them on opposite pages.

For the middle pages, I like to keep it mostly empty with some embellishments in the corner. I cut out some banners from scrap patterned paper and decorated them with a kraft doily cut in half and some stickers and hearts chipboard.

For the second to last page, this is where I like to make some extension to the page by making a bifold so that they can add more photos as seen in the last photo below.

Lastly, I followed like how I did for the earlier pages and added some paper doilies for some interest and some quotes to go along with the theme.

I hope you like what you see here. For custom orders, feel free to send me your order queries from the side bar or from the link above.

Thanks for dropping by!