6 inches Mini Album in Anniversary Theme & Pastel Colours

Now recently, I've taken a liking to using more wood chips and I loved this pack of wood embellishments that I got from a local bookstore through a chance encounter. However, I know that once I use this up, I would get another pack because I feel that the wood chips in this pack are so versatile and you can mix it up with regular alpha stickers too. However, such packs are a little expensive but carry so much weight when used as layering.

For the inner layers, I've taken to using the often go to method of layering with papers and chipboards. Again, I made the opposite pages in the same colour scheme.

I've cut out several elements from a journal paper and added random smaller chipboard to fill up the empty spaces. To give some height for stickers, I've added foam dots behind them. Scraps of paper from a just ended project form the background layering for the photos as they are within the colour scheme of pastel colours for this mini album.

While I like to add height and tuck in some embellishments. sometimes I like to remove the chipboard backing so that when I stack up on top of another chipboard, it doesn't look too clunky when I close the book.

Oh yes, the cover. I used this pack of small scallops in pastel colours as a cluster around the square chipboard and star chipboards. Ended the simple layout with a doily at the corner a scattering of hearts epoxy stickers.

Hope you like this 6 inches mini album. Want me to make a similar album like this? Please feel free to send me your order queries on the right side bar.

Thanks for dropping by!