Explosion Box Card Multiple Waterfall Tabs for One Year Anniversary

As I joked on instagram, I said I lost half of my soul doing doing this card that required multiple waterfall tabs. I am hands up, a non technical person and getting the box cover done is an art itself, lol.

But I don't know where I picked up that being challenged is good. I know I can do a waterfall tab but this time round, I wanted to try something different. I decided to make the picture almost as big as the size of the side panel. Well it worked, somehow, but I ran into trouble in the sizing and glue. Eurgh, me and the beacon craft glue has a love hate relationship. As much as I tried to keep my fingers glue-free, somehow some stray strands of glue will end on the picture and getting them removed is a battle not worth fighting for. That explained why I had to make multiple copies in order to make up those spoilt pictures. While using pictures let me use less embellishments which make it less of a headache trying to make things co-ordinate and layer well, they pose another challenge.

Overall, I think there is room for improvement which can only be accomplished with practice. So here I am doing what is best and of course, the decorating part now becomes the easier part which I have done for the bottom layer.

Enjoy the pictures below! For custom orders, please feel free to click on the link above or send me your order queries.

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