6 Inches Farewell Albums in Two Different Styles

I've been really busy making these mini albums and *gasp* I actually have 3 more to do. You know, around this time I feel like I should be collapse soon..haha..but passion just drives you towards the goal of being able to run the online shop more successfully for sustainable income and for me to keep  this hobby for a long time. 

And..I just have the thing to learn more and more so that I can design more and more beautiful covers..hehe. 

For these two mini albums, I used two different styles bases on the pictures that I received to make the albums. One is more flowery which honestly, is really easy to style. The other one is more challenging which I initially struggled with but because of time constraint, I have to like seriously think quickly on my feet. One of the things I like to fall back on is the use of shapes such as circles, rectangles and hexagons. I actually used a die cut piece in the perfect hexagon shape to use as template to draw out the same shape on scrap patterned paper. Drawing and cutting out shapes from these patterned papers helps to reduce the bulkiness of the scrap bag..although I admittedly think that it is a big feat to achieve.

Larger shapes also help to form the background of the cover page for interest, rather than just using generic rectangle pieces like the second cover. To fully extend the use of patterned paper with flowery design, you can cut off a large flower design into two maybe, and have the individual pieces tucked in between the layers, similar to the first album cover.

Hope you like these two mini albums that I have made. There are more pictures but I'm showing the layouts which I think are stand outs on their own.

For custom orders, please feel free to send me your message via the side bar.

Thanks for dropping by!