8 Inches Mini Album for a 1 Year Old Baby Boy

Memory keeping can start as young as 0 month old for a mother who wants to keep track of her baby's developments or simply as a keep sake for years to come. This is a unique mini book or album that I did using a mixture of baby boy themed stickers, journal cut outs and various other embellishments that will go along well with this mini album which I hand bound from scratch using an accordion fold.

Honestly, it was quite fun to pick out baby related embellishments and papers which I never actually got around too until now and it's pretty exciting as some manufacturers have a whole line dedicated to the memory keeping of a baby or a baby girl. I loved the colour scheme which was mostly pastel colours. I mixed it up with some pops of colours and I think they really look nice together.

At first I started pretty slow because this was my first attempt at making a mini album for a baby. But the techniques are pretty much the same with layering. I can't help but to add a bit of glamour touch with gold glittered paper but just a bit here and there so that it doesn't look too overwhelming as seen directly from the picture below.

On some pages, I mixed in with stickers from a single sticker sheet from Simple Stories new Bloom & Grow series. For the cover page and on some pages, I used the sticker sheet from Me & My Big Ideas. They often have appropriately themed stickers if you are doing themed mini albums or books to tie everything in together.

When I cut out an 8 X 8 inches of paper from a  regular sized 12 inches patterned papers, there will be leftover papers which are good for cutting into smaller sizes and using them as photo mats and background layering.

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