Explosion Box Card in Lovely Shade of Turquoise

Turquoise is such a lovely colour..a mixture of blue and green. And to actually google the colour means that I have difficulty imagining what the colour looks like..haha. Whenever the turquoise colour is being mentioned, instinctually think about tiffany. Wow, to actually own a piece of tiffany jewellery..one day, one day.

This was quite an easy box to do with minimal embellishments but I did try to make some changes on how I made the box by studying how others do it. I mean you can be good but you can be better by improving on your current techniques and there is no stop button to learning. For instance, I learnt to wrap the sides for the box cover so it looks much neater. It took a second time before I got it right by actually improving on the method used by another crafter who made the awesome looking explosion boxes.

I also made two pockets at the side so they can hold more photos. Also because I had this leftover patterned paper with stripes and I thought it made a perfect addition to the bottom layer.

Hope you like this box card I made. For custom orders, please feel free to send me your order queries.

Thanks for dropping by!