Tri Fold Cards "Teal & Timeless Treasures"

Last weekend, I did these two tri fold cards together although I did them in different styles. I like designing the cover of the tri fold cards in general as I get to layer and layer them other than the layers underneath that cover too.

For the first card, I made a birthday card and had this sweet looking cake sticker from an Echo Park sticker sheet and I had this idea to layer the polaroid border with punched out flowers from a pack that I couldn't seem to find anymore. I used to make such covers extremely elaborate but I've mellowed the designs now even though it's still hard work having to work through the layers.

I also added a rosette at the top panel for some dimension. The second card has a rosette too but I layered it on the cover instead. But it was missing something so I added some paper flowers on them and somehow I liked the way it looks now.

The new thing that I used for these two cards are these crystal things which I bought from a colleague at work and my gosh, they're so pretty! Actually they were recycled from some decor items and she actually took the pain to take them out and intend to use them for other projects but end up, she didn't have time so she sold them to me instead.

They gave these cards such nice appeal. I hope to get more of such orders so that I can use them again, hehe.

Hope you like this post and send me your order queries if you're interested in me making a card like the ones below for you.

Thanks for dropping by!