Birthday Card Make A Wish & Celebrate

This was the first card I made in the midst of recovering from my high fever. I didn't have time to go out to buy any new materials and had to make do of what I have which is also a good thing as I really need to use up the current stash. It's challenging alright because I need to think through which are the ones that I can use but don't look too dated as well.

I didn't have much ideas and I just keep building up the scene. There are some birthday elements added also which are leftover materials from different 12X12 patterned papers. I tried to create some 3D elements too by making a rosette as one of the main embellishments. I actually thought of making two rosettes but I didn't want it to be too overpowering.

Honestly, I wished I had done it differently like for example, using a patterned paper for the background instead of regular blue plain paper. But I wasn't too well to go out shopping for papers. But in all things that I do, I try my best. It's not about how much I earn but rather, the value that I'm giving.

Hope you like the card I've made. For custom orders, please feel free to send me your order queries from the right side bar.

Thanks for dropping by!