Explosion Boxes with Waterfall Tabs & DIY Cake

Hey, sorry for my long absence. I was really sick that I thought I was never going to recover and being all drama about it thinking I was going to die. Really, it was just high fever, haha. But it's one of the sickness which I loathe because your whole body temperature is all whacked where sitting, standing and even sleeping are not the most comfortable thing ever. Oh, and even walking. I actually had to self motivate myself to walk whenever I had to because every step was pretty unbearable.

I missed out the chance to make this really pretty looking explosion box based on the example and I thought I could do it. Normally, when they show pictures or describe, I have to turn down at times because it's beyond my abilities. But I don't leave it hanging there. While I like to look for new ideas, like the one above where I made a 3D cake, I know my own abilities. I don't know if there's a crafter out there who is so good, she can do practically anything. if there is, then he or she is really damn good.

So here are my past work where I did one box with waterfall tabs which is a bit different for me as I did the tabs first then paste the photos in later. I had to re-print the photos because the first lot was quite big so I had to go to the shop and the photos resized again and thankfully, this time round it fit nicely.

As for the cake, it was also a second attempt. I could not get a perfect folded in effect but I realised that it's handmade and it cannot be too perfect. I even handout the circles. I loved the flowing effect of the flowers though. I have to make another cake this weekend but it won't be polka dot but a pure white cake, maybe adorned with pearls or something. We'll see.

I hope you like these projects I've made. I am slowly trying to get in the groove of things and now I'm left with an awful cough that felt as though my lungs are going to jump out of my throat, lol.

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