Explosion Box Card with Birthday Cake and Cake Topper

I actually had a second bout of fever last Tuesday and I was a thinking oh man, I don't want to be sick again! Especially fever -.- because it will give my bones the chills and I will feel so cold and my teeth will chatter and not when I have orders to fulfil. That night when I had the fever when I was in office, which got higher as I left it, I had 3 boxes to do. 

But thankfully, I managed to complete them though I had to improvise a bit as I didn't have much time coz I had to get my needed sleep to recuperate prior to that. The fever went away and the aches as well and except for the bout of flu (until now as I'm typing this out). I think it knew I had to complete this urgent order. 

Anyway, enough about my sad life story. For this box, the material had to be shiny and as I was thinking what sort of patterned paper will that be, I suddenly had this a-ha moment to use my recently favourite pattern and colour to use. This teal coloured gold polka dot paper from Echo Park. It has other colours as well as you can see where I used the brown one. 

Of course the biggest headache is the cake. OMG. But it's part and parcel of learning and improving on your techniques. And I think this is the best one so far. I only need to learn to cut a proper circle..haha. 

And then in the process of learning, you also rake your brain for things that you've learnt or seen that you can put into practice. In this case, I read a blog post a long time ago about how she propped up the pieces of her 3D display and she mentioned about rolling up the scrap paper and then glue them to the main piece. I did that for this banner and though it took some precise positioning, I somehow thought that her technique worked and ta-da! See the so called masterpiece below.

The fact that the papers have been rolled up, there is more support in the base area as it's quite thick.

This will not be the first and the last! Maybe the next time too, I will shed less tears.

I hope you like what you see here. For order queries, please feel free to write to me on the right side bar.

Thanks for dropping by!