Handmade Cards in Freestyle Designs

Honestly, I had fun designing the covers for these cards. I get to play with colours, stamping, which I didn't use for awhile and cutting shapes out. This last step seemed quite weird since I own a die cut machine and a cameo machine, one manual and the other electronic. But there's always this feel good feeling of tracing out the template and then cutting it out or various patterns on the paper. Plus, it's pretty straight forward. No fuss of setting up the machine, putting the images together on the macbook, saving and then having it electronically cut which may not even come out right.

Still, there's plus and minus points. If you ask me to cut out so many hexagon shapes, then a cameo machine will definitely do the job well. Speaking of doing jobs well, recently I watched an instagram vid by a stay at home mum with two very young kids who recently bought two, I think, electronic die cutting machine which she used to die cut planner stickers. These were sold in her online shop and for her monthly subscribers. I don't know how she gets the energy and I know they can be so dead tired looking after their kids.

I find great motivation behind successful women like these. Yet, they are so grounded and despite their busy schedules, they are often at the top of their games. Of course, they are just as human and there are days where you just don't feel like getting out the bed. Like me practically every morning, heh. But we need to learn to pull through if we want to get the best out of our life and doing the job well and on time.

These cards were ordered some time ago but I was so overwhelmed by orders that it got onto the back burner until I was reminded again. There was no deadline for it but I didn't want to hold the order too long and it was also something that I've not done for awhile. Therefore, that period of time where I stopped, I decided to recall the techniques I used to employ back then when I only did mostly bifold cards. As you can see from my posts, now I do mostly decorated explosion box cards.

Hope you get inspired by these cards as much as I enjoyed making them. 

Thanks for dropping by!