Life is Good 6 Inches Handmade Mini Album

A handmade mini album comes in all shapes and sizes and there are different ways of binding it too. There are those with a decorative spine and binded with wax thread which I adore and wish to pick up the skills one day. Even the bookbinding has different methods of doing it that can even comes from back in the days when there are no such services.

As you know, mine are bounded with strong glue. While the art of bookbinding can be therapeutic in itself, I find it therapeutic to decorate them, hehe. I'm often trying to see store samples and how they do them and my gosh, they're so flawless and I don't know how to pull them off. So I take a bit of here and there plus from the various blogs and make them my one. 

And I like to put in quotes and random phrases from sticker sheets and die cut packs and strategically layer them among other decorations.

Some of the designs I like to use are hot air balloons, cameras and bicycles. I think they're pretty generic too as many companies like to use them in their patterned paper designs. So it's quite easy to get one sheet for instance and cut multiples from them. 

Another way is to use stamping and once you stamp the design on either patterned paper or on white paper before colouring it in, you can cut them out and use them as embellishments too.

You can see how I decorate the inner pages from the pictures below.

Hope you can get inspirations from them too. Thanks for dropping by!