Pink Theme & Red Velvet Inspire Cake Box Card

I like cakes, well I used to love cakes but I've cut down since though I can't help it once in awhile, hehe. I know sugar is bad for you but totally depriving myself from sugar is something that I can't do. Red velvet flavour is one of my flavours besides chocolate. I actually just chose a random patterned paper to make the cake box and this is one of  my spare ones. Honestly I use up most of my papers nowadays and only keeps bit and pieces of scrap papers for die cutting, as a base or to cut out shapes for backgrounds. Then I will throw the remaining smaller pieces. However, this was the only full patterned papers that I have and I thought that this reminded me of red velvet cake so why not, haha.

Then I work around the pinkish colour scheme but I usually don't like to stick to the same colour through out so I used other colours that don't clash but complement instead.

For the bottom panel, I used the die from Maya Road which I actually hardly used and I thought this box would look better with some glitter die cuts. This was cut out from some scrap glitter paper too which I actually had used before for die cutting as well and there was some more space on it.

This was the first time I also cut out the 'strings' for the balloons because sticking on the strings are so hard and I got this brain wave to just cut it out from paper as well. Took a bit of practise to get the shape and length right but worth it. Now I can prop up one of the balloons with foam tape to make it stand out a bit.

Hope you like this box card I've made. Thanks for dropping by!