Thank You Cards in Various Designs & 3 Things About Me

Before I go into the explanation for the above cards, I shall do a quick 3 things about me post! Yay..

I don't know if I have done this before but I saw this being done recently by a local blog and I thought why not. I just take the first 3 questions, just some things that maybe you want to know a little about me, craft wise, hehe.

You can see the origin of this question post here

Who am I?

I work for one of the government ministries in the day but before I go to work, I work on any orders in the morning before I go to work. Occasionally, I will do some crafting at night after work but right after I chill in the front of the laptop just surfing internet.

I own an online shop called My Little Card Shop for several years on Facebook and on carousell. I use this blogging platform to write about my past creations for my clients. It's a combination of my love for designing cards and mini album and running a business.

What is my creative style?

I love using the layering techniques like the scrapbooking style. I also like shabby chic and feminine style designs. I'm not so much of a mixed  media crafter but sometimes, you can see I dabble in a bit of mixed media in my designs.

Speaking of scrapbooking, I don't craft for myself. Most of the time, it's either for my clients or a friend or two. Honestly, crafting can be time consuming for me because I can be quite particular about it especially when it's not going to be mine.

While I do use most of the things I purchase for paper crafting projects, there will usually be leftover papers that I will keep in a transparent bag. I normally purchase things related to the projects or things that can be used for several projects, mainly wood tokens and sticker sheets.

As for me, if there's a bit of crafting that I do for myself, it's only memory keeping in the form of pocket scrapbooking which I use a 6 X8 inches Simple Stories sn@p binder. I don't often take photos but if I do, I will print them out, place them inside this binder and do a very minor scrapbooking, basically to fill up the gaps in the sleeves pocket if there's any, haha.

What inspires me?

I like learning from other crafters. To me, this craft is a constant learning process just like any other hobbies or interests. There are a lot of talented crafters but the ones I admire most are those who develop their own style, rather than just copying other people's style. Just like fashion trends, there are trends in the crafting world as well which also serves as an inspiration to me.

Okay now back to regular programming.

For the cards above, I want to use different techniques such as water colouring because it has been ages since I last touched the palette. It helps to add colours to the cards as you can see. For texture, I used the embossing sleeves because I also haven't been using this for a while. For some interest and a little bit of texture, I used dry glitter which I applied using a matte based glue that when it dries, you can feel the texture of the glitter.

Some masking is also done and I went over the stencils with light modelling paste. I then ran over watercolour over them or sprinkled some dry glitter on them before coating with glue to keep the glitter in place.

I hope you like this post and thanks for dropping by!