Vintage Themed Card Using Prima Marketing Papers

Hi Everyone,

Recently I did a little spring cleaning and threw quite a lot of things that I don't use anymore in order to make space for things or materials that I actually use. I realised that I used to love buying patterned papers from Prima Marketing especially their vintage collections. I still like their brand but they've been focused on mostly their mixed media things, which if you ask me, are expensive, and there are other brands that are pretty much the same thing but they're cheaper. For example, their watercolour confections, like oh my, the price.

But if you're into mixed media or painting, I think it's best to explore what is out there in shops and make a price comparison and read reviews. As for this card, I did use their patterned papers from a past collection which I found that I haven't been using lately as my order requests are mostly explosion box cards which I can't use their papers to make. I found that these are perfect to make the vintage themed card.

As for the background, I used a Tim Holtz stencil and light modelling paste to go over it so that it has this nice raised surface. Then I used water colour and brushed over the raised surface. While I stuck to mostly the same colour scheme, I added a bit of colour so that it didn't look too brown.

Actually the card looked simple but if you're working on a vintage card like the above, where the choice of colours isn't that extensive, you can add some interest like how I did the background and also adding a bit of sparkle with the line of gold glittered paper. Actually, it was from a leftover project but instead of throwing it away, why not use it for this. Simple but still effective.

I also did some water colouring over some areas like the edges to create some depth.

Hope you like this card I have made and thanks for dropping by!