Mixed Media Artsy Birthday & Farewell Cards for Male Recipients

I know there are crafters who are pretty much into feminine designs that making a card for a male recipient will prove to be a challenging task. It's true, it can be hard but often I try to work around this   by making the card look more artistic looking and fall back on mixed media elements like painting and stencilling in with light modelling paste.

In order not to make the piece not looking too flat, I 'cheat' a little by diecutting patterns or shapes out of glittered card stock. I then place those elements strategically so that they don't overwhelm the whole layout. I also realise that a good balance of various elements help to make your layout more outstanding rather than looking drowned. You need to have a good focal point like for instance, the picture such as the picture above, or the quote below. Then you work around it. To tie everything in together, I used splatters of paint to fill up the gaps and stamping in various sizes of the same shape, in this case, a circle. I know I seldom use stamping but this one, I felt I had to..haha..💕 

Hoping you like the two pieces I did in this post. For custom orders, feel free to use the order form and I will reply to you soonest.

Thanks for dropping by!