Specially for You Explosion Box Card

Hi Everyone,

I was overseas last Saturday so this post is available just today :) This was from my past order where I designed a box card and had it in mostly red colour and pink scheme. I loved this patterned paper which had pictures of presents on it in different colours and sizes and I'm happy that with just one single paper, I can use it multiple times. I  may need to purchase another one even though I'm not running out of it yet. Sadly, there isn't any stock at the moment. I think other people may have the same idea as me lol.

As you practise something, it becomes better and better, just like this DIY paper cake box. You somehow try to avoid the same mistakes and improve on the techniques. That's how things are even for non craft related matters.As long as you hold the interest, you just keep telling yourself that you can do it.

For this cake box, I used gold trimmings which I cut to size from a 12 X 12 sized champagne glittered card stock. It's harder to glue than a regular sized patterned paper because of the backing which is quite slick. But a strong glue, and consistent pressing to 'hold' the ends together helps.

One of the techniques I often use is the layering one where for two similar pictures, like the two presents, the present behind I had it glued on the paper itself. The other one, I propped it slightly apart and had it pop up using foam tape creating a dimension, ta-da!

Sometimes I have some leftover diecuts because I sometimes cut extra pieces or from one large piece, I cut into smaller pieces and there will be one I don't use. So I will use it for another project. Just like the top panel with the camera, that small piece I had saved from a previous project. It can't fit in any corners so I put inside a small bag for later use. In this way too, when you get stumped to complete a design, you can just grab these pieces too.

The below picture is how I designed the box cover.

For order queries, feel free to send them to me via the box in the side bar. Thanks for dropping by!