Christmas Themed Box Cards with Love Theme & Pop Up Christmas Box

Hi Everyone,

I guess I should have done this post last week since tomorrow is already New Year. So have you set goals for yourself? To me, I think goals are not synonymous with the start of the year only but can be done throughout the year. One way to stick to the goal is to know what you're in it for and to keep track of it, let's say, every week. Also, to do a small part of the goal on a daily basis by noting them in your planner whether online or offline or notebook and keep at it until you achieve it. Honestly, there will be distractions along the way but again, know what you're in it for, let's say healthier weight range, more savings etc..that your future self will thank you for.

However, if you are not quite close to it yet, don't berate yourself because you can pick yourself up again and jump back on track.

I've actually taken a mini break from orders although it doesn't quite feel like it because I still took orders, haha. I do turn down some along the way too especially when it's too tight a deadline and I have already planned on doing another order so I don't want to stretch myself too thin. 

For this Christmas box card below, I chose the papers from Simple Stories and I liked how the hearts background is also perfect for non Christmas projects too. I used coordinating chipboards from the same line to decorate the panels.

This is the second pop up box that I did for Christmas and it was a little disastrous because I forgot to get the sturdy transparency from work. The one that I used was too flimsy and kept sliding off so what I did was to glue the pieces to the standees instead and problem solved.

Here's another box card that I used and I loved the Merry Christmas chipboard. I used it again for the second Christmas box card below using mostly red embellishments and luckily I managed to get the last set. They had shifted it to give way to new arrivals so I thought it was finished. 

The theme was red for this box card so you will see using mostly red papers and embellishments. What I liked about this card, besides using bold colours, is how pretty the illustrations are for the stickers. They're also creative so you don't just see the usual present designs but also of village houses and a window with a Christmas wreath. It makes the box design more interesting.

I hope you like these box cards I've made. Please feel free to send me your order queries if you like my past designs.

Thanks for dropping by!