Explosion Box Cards in Red & Love Theme

Hi everyone,

In this post I will showcase two explosion box cards because of the similar theme and use of colours. I loved these little rosettes that I bought from Popular Bookstore recently and while they are cheaper than the ones usually sold at the bigger scrapbooking stores, they're not all perfect. But generally, they're well designed except for one or two which seems a bit off. 

I like to use dimensional stickers or at least pop up some foam adhesives behind stickers after backing them up with scrap pieces of cardstock. It's a cheaper yet still interesting use of stickers instead of just using them in its 2D form if you want to save some money from buying those chipboard stickers in 12X12 size that now costs more than $12.00.

Anyway, nowadays I also like to 'short cut' a bit by cutting up a single patterned paper that has a variety of journal cards and use them for at least 2 of the panels. It's a lot faster to design box cards this way too, besides using bigger dies like the heart in the first picture below, to occupy each panel. If the journal card is a bit bigger in size, I will cut it smaller so that it will fit in  nicely. I will sometimes jazz it up a bit with smaller stickers or back it up with cardstock and use a fancy stickers to cut a nice border around it. 

You can see what I mean from the pictures below. Usually I don't post or even take pictures of all sides but now I try to make an effort doing so just so that you can see how I design the bottom layer.

Hope you get some inspiration from these pictures. Thanks for dropping by!