Pikachu & Love Themed Yellow Explosion Box Card

Hi Everyone, it's been awhile since I last did a waterfall tab box card. For this, there are two waterfall tabs and after some practise and getting the measurements right, I managed to pull it off but well, after a second try. I made some minor change to make it easier although I keep forgetting this step where I'm supposed to crease the paper edge of the first picture where I've glued it down in its entirety. It will actually appear in the last panel but I forgot that step so initially it didn't cascade properly. After twiddling it carefully because I don't want to end up reprinting and spending the time doing it all over again, I managed to do the cascading. The second panel was quicker because I had the background work done already. Just need to crease the folds (including for the last panel..heh) and glue the pictures down very carefully.

I didn't have the proper glue for this because it has run out and this glue that I have has started to get all runny. I would hate to have the glue stuck on the pictures.

As for the design itself, I chose bright colours for this pikachu and love themed explosion box. I added more diecut pieces for this box and cut out the papels from a single patterned paper that has various of these panels with different phrases and pictures. Make it easier for me. The size of the panel is just nice too and I think it's a great idea for them to do this. So far, it's the only manufacturer, from what I've seen, that has this element.

I gave the box card an overall cutesy look based on the pictures and of course, because it's Pikachu =)

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Thanks for dropping by!