Handmade 6 Inches Friendship & Desserts Themed Mini Album

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would take a break from posting about explosion box card and write a post about this 6 inches mini album instead. I adored this a lot and didn't quite have to think through much the placements like I'm imagining where the photos should be because it only required space for about 3 photos only. It's a friendship themed, pastel and sweet desserts all rolled into this one mini album.

I was looking through my supplies for pastel colours and it wasn't quite hard to find. Also, I had quite a lot of stickers that are dessert themed like ice cream, donuts and macarons (oh my sweet tooth..) that are perfect for this album. I somehow didn't have enough ice cream stickers though so I went to bookshop hoping to find ice cream stickers but they were so tiny. However, when I wanted to give up, I saw a gift wrapper that had pictures of ice cream sticks on it. Perfect! Eventually, I cut some out and used it for the front cover as you see from the picture above.

For below, I did my usual layering style but I went to Pinterest to see how else I could layer and I came up with the square boxes where I put a sweet treat sticker in each one. I thought it turns out to be really cute.

Ok, the picture of the 3 cats is actually taken from an instagram account which I loved because these cats are so darn cute, fat and fluffy!! I had to include cat pictures and why not these 3 cuties :)

Also, I loved macarons although admittedly, they're a tad sweet so I don't really eat them.

I hope you like this mini album that I've made. For custom orders, please feel free to contact me from the above links or the order form.

Thanks for dropping by!