Tri Fold Card in Red & Black Theme with Heart & Glittered Stars

I like to use certain colours for certain themes but if I were to use bold colours, red is often a preferred colour especially when paired with black or gold. It is like a made in heaven combination even if the card is going to be a love themed one especially when red is used as a solid colour for the heart shape. For this trifold card, while I usually like to use a combination of colours, I had to make a specific red and black themed one so I worked along it by choosing the embellishments in the same colour group.

For the quotes, I made them in the sizes smaller than the panels and I also die cut out some shapes from the glittered paper to make the cover stand out a little. I didn't want it to be too overwhelming as the colours are pretty bold already and I softened the look a bit using translucent papers with embossed white dots on it for the top and bottom.

The cover with the diecuts scallop and stars using glittered paper

The trifold card when it opens up with quotes in several panels
Most of the panels are left empty for the photos to be pasted on them later on.

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