Explosion Box Card in Red with a Fabulous Birthday Theme & Waterfall Tabs

I've always wanted to try this explosion box design with the triangular shaped borders coz it makes my box look like a star, haha. At first I didn't like  it so much but I think after awhile, it kinda looks more complete, together with the waterfall tabs at all the four sides.

I also got a new die which is a value packed one coz it's $17.90, I think somewhere around there, and not only does it come with the phrase die you see on the box cover, it has flower and leaf die. I wanted to use the flower die as well but the waterfall construction took awhile to do, lol.

I took a shortcut and used a sticker for the centre greeting. It ties in with the colour scheme.
I didn't struggle too much making the waterfall tabs because you see, I am more of a designer than a constructor, haha. But I managed to make it without a hitch this time, I dunno..luck, I guess. Oh, and maybe practise too.

As I didn't have the full squares as I didn't fully cut out the four corners, I salvaged what I had which was the triangular shape to design the box cover. It took me awhile to figure how to make the diecut phrase pop but i managed to pull it off by propping the cut out doily instead as the background piece.

I hope you like this explosion box card that I've made. For custom orders, please feel free to send me your order queries via the order form.

Thanks for dropping by!