Series of Anniversary & Valentine's Day Boxes 2017 Part One

I have made quite a number of explosion box cards for Valentine's Day and Anniversaries this month that I practically lost count. It kept me busy while I'm also trying to cope with earlier waking up time to complete these orders before I get ready for work. Honestly it took me by surprise how many of these customised orders I received until it was really hard for me to cope because my body timing is going a little haywire ever since I started my new job posting. I know it's difficult for me to actually make these pieces when I return from work. My mind will not be in the game and I most likely will just stone. I need the time to relax like I just want to get out of the work mode at my day job because it can be overwhelming.

Okay enough about my work. I will go on describing the cards that I've made here.

As for the one above, I've made it in mostly pastel colours and for the sides, I cut out hearts which honestly, are quite hard to get it done right even though I use a self made template. I don't know how some people do them until so perfect. They must be really good with lines and measurements, lol. I like to decorate the box according to theme. Sometimes, I can get the layout right on certain sides and sometimes too, it takes me a much longer time like the embellishments just don't 'click' with one another.

Leftover pieces are layered on top of each other to form the background for this typewriter sticker

A blue themed box with a pop of red and green. I liked the rose gold foil on the you & me ticket stub

The two hearts are cut out using glitter foam and they really sparkle

Classic gold & black combination for this water fall tabs box card
I hope you find some inspiration from these boxes and if you have celebrated either Valentine's Day or Anniversary, or even both, hope you had a good time too.

Thanks for dropping by!