Timeless Treasure Trifold Card

If you're still following my blog, thank you so much! I am a little behind as in I always post at least two per week but lately, it has been just once. I started my new work last Friday and I have to readjust everything. In terms of new working environment, working style and this is a big thing, waking up super early to do up orders before getting ready for work which is about 6.30am. Usually in the past, that would be around 7.50am because I start at 9.30am. Now it's at 8.30am and I have to get to the train by 7.50am latest (the time where I would usually shower for like the past 9 years..lol). I am trying to make it even earlier than that because here in Singapore, you'll never know what the train decides to take a spontaneous break.

Anyway, for this card, I liked the quote and how apt it was as too considering this was the last photo taken at my table before I leave. I loved the lighting, at least it's better than home, but recently I have taken some photos at my new work table and it has the natural lighting since it's just beside the window. Adding photo and placing it strategically help to create a 'floating' effect to the card. It's actually recreating another card but of course, there are some elements I changed as no two cards of mine look the same.

The photo enclosed within the card

Flatlay of the card with details surrounding the border of the calling card
I just realised I forgot to put happy birthday, argh..so forgetful! Anyway, besides that slip up, I like to add 3D details from the side and layering one on top of another but in all, I also have to make sure that it stays up when I make it stand.

Just a side note, please bear with me as I try to readjust my scheduling back to two posts per week because recently, I've been so exhausted getting used to wake up much earlier and handling a sudden flurry of orders thanks to V day. So much so, I had to turn down quite a few. But I would get back in the groove very soon.

I hope you like this card I've made and thanks for dropping by!