Blue Birthday Themed Birthday Box Card with 3D Cake

I haven't been up to par the last couple of weeks because I haven't been feeling my best, though I still go to work and perform my daily duties like fulfilling orders and even going out on the weekend. I was unwell and luckily, I didn't get the full blown fever because that will suck even more, including my energy.

But as I always tell myself, life goes on and I'm still here, haha. I shall continue this blog and I'm excited to share with you the different projects I have done and for this one, it was done some time back. It's a blue themed explosion box card with a two tier cake.

Constructing the box is easy but the making of the cake is a world on its own. Being crafty can also mean being good with your hands doing the technical things but it doesn't mean you can't do it at all. It takes time and practise to do something well, not just in craft related things. You just have to improvise along the way and do what suits you most.

Because I wanted to make everything coherent yet fast as well, I chose the sticker line and paper from Echo Park Birthday Boy collections. I think that it's good to buy birthday related collections as I make more of these things. But just using them as such is not as interesting as putting your own touch to it.

For the box cover below, I cut out the words from the paper and make it pop up using 3D foam tape. And then used a glittered star that I die cut to make it look more interesting. I think star shaped dies are also worth investing and using materials like foam and glittered papers give your layout more depth and wow factor. But to make it stand out more, you can space out the glittered diecuts or just use one pretty large piece so that it doesn't take away too much of the focus, such as the picture or the main title such as this b'day word.

You can cut large text from the patterned paper and use it as an embellishment

For quick and easy decorations, a large piece of patterned paper fit to size will do its job
I hope you like this blog post and get some ideas as well. For order queries, please feel free to use the order form in the link above.

Thanks for dropping by!